Confidential Priti Rane Marathi Entrepreneur Biography - 2021

priti rane
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Priti Rane:

Priti Rane name is no more an unknown name for Maharashtra. She is today a sensational name in the Marathi audience for the share market. She is the top share market trainer, mentor, guider, investor, and trader in Maharashtra today. So we thought writing her biography and give value to all my audience. 

Since childhood, she was interested in the Finance sector. She used to watch CNBC channels and read articles related to Finance in Newspapers. These brought her love towards Passive income and Financial Literacy. 

Priti Rane Education:

  • After her schooling, she went on to do college. She graduated with an MBA (Finance). She is a master in Financial Management and Commerce and a Graphologist (Handwriting specialist). 

  • She completed Bcom from Ruparel College and Mcom from Poddar college. She is also a yoga trainer, and she advises her students to do it. She has also completed a Master's in portfolio management and security analysis. 

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Loves towards Share Market:

  • Soon she started daily trading and investing in the share market. After some 5 -6 years she became an expert in the Market. She then found that there is a lack of illiteracy in the Marathi audience related to the share market. So here she thought of entering the market as Teacher and advisor. 

  • So she then started RS Consultancy Private limited. She is the owner and chairman of RS Consultancy Private limited. Priti Rane articles are published in Marathi newspapers too with separate columns.

Priti Rane Personal Life:

  • She hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is married to Mr. Sachin Rane. Their marriage took place in Jan 2012. Her birthday is on 11 Feb. 

  • Today it's been more than 11 years that she is working as a Share market trainer. She has helped many students understand the share market in Marathi audiences. Due to her increasing popularity, all Marathi news channels have featured her daily in covid pandemic 2020. 

  • She has an official website, Youtube channel, and all social media accounts where she has lakh followers and subscribers. Her youtube channel has 350k subscribers which is the record in it too.

  • According to data from various tools, her official website has more than 1 lakh traffic monthly. Her telegram channel is where is gives calls and tips related to the market.

List of all social media accounts….

She provides online as well as offline classes too. Her offline class is in Thane west near Thane station. Her online course is paid at a very less price. It is around 5k to 10k. 

Her online course can be purchased from her official website. 

Her online course includes:

  1. Technical Analysis

  2. Fundamental Analysis

  3. Trading Strategies

  4. Portfolio Management.

  5. Intra-day trading and wealth creation

  6. Positional Trading

  7. Investment Guidance

  8. How to Build Passive Income

  9. Financial Literacy

  10. Short Selling

  11. Mutual Funds

  12. Target calculator

  13. Demat Account opening

She is officially enrolled with the Upstox Partner Program. Her course is full of all share market basics and intermediate level. She has covered all topics related to the share market. After enrolling and learning her course believe me you will be better in both trading and investing. 

After reviewing her students and watching many testimonials it can be said that her course is just BEST. It has changed the lives of many youngsters and it has the potential to attract many towards this deep sea of share market. 

She is the one who will make every demographic citizen Financial Literate by her skills. People like them are who will be responsible for new India which will be developed country.

Priti Rane contact details:  

1) Gmail:

2) Mobile no: 9819067048, 9820207817.

3) Address:  101, 1st floor, Chirag arcade, Raghoba Shankar road, Behind Nagrik and Patel sari showroom, Near thane station, Thane west. 

Priti Rane Networth:

It is still unknown and it is never disclosed by her either. She was asked about it on a news channel but she didn't reveal it. But according to sources and my views, Priti Rane has surely more than 100 cr net worth. Soon she will enter in Forbes list of upcoming rising personality of India.

Priti Rane Portfolio:

Her portfolio is unraveled yet. We will soon update you if we get info related to it. Also, she once said that if we have to invest in long term investment then, we should invest in companies whose product is used by people on a daily or weekly basis. 

Priti Rane Webinar:

When she appears on the Marathi news channel soon she comes live on Youtube. Also, you can subscribe to her youtube channel and you will get the latest updates towards her live webinar. Also, Priti Rane videos are there related to “Share market today details”. Her youtube channel is fastest growing youtube channel in Marathi audience.


Believe me, after a decade she will be a female who will get a prestigious award from Maharashtra Government. The way she is working 24 by 7 to make people know the share market is just courageous. 

Till now more than 2 lakh of Marathi audience has come to know Share Market because of Priti Rane. She is also known as Share Market Queen in Maharashtra's Metro cities.

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