Deep Casestudy on Intraday Trading for beginners India in 2021

Intraday Trading for beginners India

Stock Market is sensational among every Indian from last 2 to 3 years. Every Indian after Jio revolution and Digital India wants to earn online. 

Make Money Online keyword is among every Indian's mouth since Digital World. There are many ways how you can earn money online. But from last 150 years how you can earn passive income in India is Stock Market.

Since 2010 it has also now came on Mobile platform after Samsung revolution in India this decade. People want to know about Stock Market and how we can earn through it in short period.

So there are two types Investment and Trading.

Today we will surely discuss only Trading.

In trading there are types like:

  • Intraday
  • Swing 
  • Positional

Intraday trading for beginners india
Intraday trading for beginners india

Swing And Positional stands for period more than 1 day to 2-6 months approx.

While Intraday is totally trading done on Day basis, it strictly stands for 6 hours of trading. Even if you don't sell it automatically gets square off at 3.30 pm.

So that's where now we are here for today's topic. Intraday Trading for beginners India. 

We will today discuss about 15 to 16 rules of Intraday trading for beginners India.

Intraday has huge potential no doubt where you can earn daily 10 to 12k. But problem here is that when we go through Indian data then we noticed that Indians make huge amount of loss in it compared to other countries. That's what's make only 6 % Indian people into stock market.

This has brought huge bad impact on Indians related to Stock Market. Lack of Technical Analysis knowledge among youths and being totally dependent on calls and tips is making this all nuisance.

Now I will tell you the best rules while doing Intraday.

1. Don't trade in Volatile Market. It makes you panic. It distrubs you which leads to wrong decision.

2. Stop loss is must and compulsory in Intraday. You can't imagine your life with oxygen is same goes for stop loss in intraday.

3. Before doing Intraday get some basic knowledge about total stock market. Atleast spend 1 year in it and then come in Intraday trading.

4. One of the most important is learn Intermediate level technical analysis.

5. Understand the trade and trend.

6. Avoid taking calls and tips from someone else. You must learn everything on your own.

7. Stay away from market when you are unconfident. Also when your mind says financial bad news will come.

8. Follow the formula "When to buy, When to sell and When to trade".

9. Get total information and Financial statements about company we trade.

10. Learn to attack (buy or sell) at Right time.

11. Watch some good news channels. Follow some best apps, and read nice books. 

12. Follow some good and impact full indicators. 

13. Daily 1 trade is must with no trading in your group. 

14. Never try to recover your money through your 1st loss of that particular day. 

15. Mostly biggest mistake observe is that traders give more importance to entry and less importance to exit. 


  • This are best 15 rules we should follow while doing intraday. Experts say that if we follow this rules belive your chances of loosing money is very less and get accuracy of about 90%. 

  • For every newbie trader here out this article on intraday trading for beginners india will change your life for stock market view. After following this rules you will surely be rich and have good active income daily. 

  • No doubt intraday is red ocean business strategy only but if done properly then surely can lead to successfull plane.

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