Honest Review on Binany Trading Platform in 2021


What is Binany?

Binany is an online trading platform worldwide. You can do trading in the currency market via it. Currently, it is the 3rd most used platform in the world. 

Is Binany safe?

According to my experience, it is safe and I had got all my transactions in a Paytm account. But my transaction never went above 10k rs. Personally, after reading reviews of many traders we can say it is 60:40. Where 60 stands for safe and 40 stands for not safe.

The reason when you don't get withdrawal is when you call or put in as soon as the market opens. SO that trade has guarantee 0f 90 % success. SO don't do these, trade after 15 minutes of market opening. If you do proper trading and even win over 10k dollars you will surely get money. 

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Binany trading strategy

For doing trade with binany or any other platform you need to learn the basics of Technical Analysis. In technical analysis learn about best indicators which will give the best tips for selling and buying. 

Learning about Technical analysis can increase your chances of winning. 

Binany app is real or fake

Personally, I think it is real and doesn't have any problems. But as our mobile notifies us that it is harmful, I think we should go for desktop mode and only trade from the website. 

Also, you get withdrawals if you use it properly and don't try to do scams. This is proof of it.

binany withdrawal

How to use binany app?

It is one of the simplest app or website to use. Just log in via a Google account or create your account by email and strong password. 

After creating you will be redirected to the app where you will find options like:

  • Operations
  • Withdrawal
  • Deposit
  • Dashboard
  • Profile
  • Deals

Later on, after creating it, deposit your money and select your favorite duo of currency and start trading. 

Top Binany Traders 

I will give you a list of the top 10 traders:

  1. Laxminarayan Pal: 12k Dollars   175 trades

  2. mun****@: 9k Dollars      457 trades

  3. aza***@: 8k Dollars       81  trades

  4. Nivas: 7k Dollars        96 trades

  5. Yogesh Patel: 5k Dollars         82 trades

  6. Ajay Saini: 4k Dollars     92 trades

  7. Fawad Ahmed: 3k Dollars      88 Trades

  8. par***@: 3k Dollars      495 trades

  9. Aditya Pisal: 3k Dollars     800 trades

  10. Rishabh Gupta: 2k Dollars     90 trades

Binany reviews 

Reviews for these overall are bad. Because 8 out of 10 people say bad things about these. But personally, I think that people who haven't used it also give bad reviews there. Those who have got even loss at other apps like Olymp, IQ option, and expert option also give bad remarks here. 

So only I suggest you all learn basic technical analysis and later on do trades here.

Binany customer care

They don’t have any direct calling customer care. They might launch it in the future. But when it comes to talking to them they have a help center. There you can solve all your problems there.

Help center options are below in the sidebar. Also, there is one operator assigned to you who speaks and chats with you. He basically solves all those problems and your queries.

Binany promo code

To activate a promo code, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the "Deposit" or "+" button on mobile devices in the upper-right corner;

  2. Go to the "Promo Codes" section;

  3. Enter a promo code in the "Do you have a promo code?" field, click on the "Activate promo code" button.

You can cancel a promo code at any time. To do this, click on Cancel in the same "Promo Codes" section opposite the active promo code. Remember, when you cancel a promo code, all bonus funds will disappear.

Owner of Binany

Ajay Kapadia. Here is his Linkedin Profile.

How to make a Binany account?

Go there and sign in via a Google account. Also, you can create a simple email and password. I would suggest male strong passwords with no alphabets and special characters. 

Binany sign up

When you open it, sign in via the account you made. It will just take 15 seconds to show your dashboard. 

Binany Referral System

If anyone opens his account via your link. And he started trading via it. Every time he deposits the money you will get 5 % of it. 

When you reach 100 dollars then you will get money in your account. 

Sign up here, it’s totally free. 

Binany website

This is the official website. Click here and go directly on it. 

Minimum withdrawal in Binany

Currently, the minimum withdrawal is 1000 rs. Maybe then I can reduce it to 500 in the future. It takes 3-5 days for the money to reflect in your bank account.

Minimum deposit in Binany


Minimum deposit in Binanay is 300 rs. But if you deposit more then you will win exciting prizes along with some bonus. It’s good to deposit more money for a discount. It just takes 5 minutes to deposit it into your account.

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After overviewing properly and using it for the last 6 months I would just suggest these things:

  • Don’t go for their app, use it via the website only. It is good and has a nice interface
  • Start trading only and only when you have technical analysis knowledge
  • Do trading only when 15 minutes finishes in the market your money will never get stuck. 
  • Don’t take anyone's calls, do it on your own.

This was the best and honest review on Binany. Hope I would have help u a lot. 

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